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New Thought Philosophy for Baby-Boomers

New Thought ~ New Life

As a Baby-Boomer and seeker of ‘the TRUTH,’ I’ve read a lot of New Thought material, but it wasn’t until I actually went to my first (and only – so far) Centre for Spiritual Living that I began to see HOW  new thoughts could create a new life for me.

From the very first moment that I attended I felt I had ‘come home.’ The teaching slogan of ‘change your thinking, change your life’ resonated with me.

More importantly, the Centers for Spiritual Living actually teaches Science of Mind classes that offer practical tools on HOW to change my negative thinking into thoughts of a more positive nature.

How does one Develop a New Thought?

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The Thinker Statue

Well first off, we have to become aware of our thoughts and recognize the connection between them and our feelings.

Some ways we can become aware of our thoughts is through

  •  Journaling our thoughts and feelings
  • Stream of consciousness writing

Secondly, we have to consciously change our thinking. This can be done through:

Thirdly, we have to be consistent with our spiritual practices in order to create and maintain lasting results.

I know for a fact that without ‘doing the work’ nothing changes. Even though I’ve been studying this philosophy for over twenty-five years it wasn’t until I started taking classes offered at the local Centre for Spiritual Living that things began to change for me. And it really wasn’t until I actually picked up the spiritual tools offered that things really began to change.

I would take classes – do the homework assignments and use the spiritual tools during the length of the classes but would seem to drop them and go back to my old ways once the class was over and wondered why not much was ever-changing for me.

In the past six months, I’ve really stepped up my use of spiritual tools on a daily basis – every day.

Along with all the spiritual tools listed above that I use to help me develop new thought patterns, (which I will expand on in a separate web page – Spiritual Tools), being conscious and aware of my thinking is one of the biggest keys – and making an immediate and conscious choice to change my thinking to a more positive train of thought.

In summary in order to have the life we say we want, we need awareness, and be willing to make a conscious choice to change our thinking, and consistently – on a daily basis.

New Thought Books I Recommend 

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  • The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes
  • Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes
  • 365 Days of Richer Living, by Ernest Holmes
  • Self Treatments: including The Radiant I AM, by Emma Curtis Hopkins

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