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Exercise for Baby-Boomers


I have never been fond of exercise. I guess it is a necessary evil in my life. I really do hope that I can one day change my attitude about exercise!!


My Favourite forms of Exercise



At our local YMCA/YWCA, there are two types of Aquafit… one is called HydroFit, the other is called GentleFit. Guess which one I like best!


DDR is the initials of a PS2 (Play Station 2) game called Dance, Dance Revolution.


QiGong is an ancient Chinese form of meditation and exercise that is the foundation for a lot of martial arts, including Tai Chi, another of my favourite forms of gentle exercise.

Taoist Tai Chi

The first time I ever saw Taoist Tai Chi was on the evening news by a reporter who liked to seek out different human interest stories. He happened to see all these Chinese people in a park practicing Taoist Tai Chi and shared it with the viewers. I just found it so ‘pretty’ that was the only word I could use to describe it. And I promised myself ‘one day’ I’m going to try this.


Taoist Tai Chi Society - Pacific

Taoist Tai Chi Society – Pacific Region

Vibration Machines

This is my absolute FAVORITE exercise machine!!

If I had the room and the money this would be the first piece of exercise equipment I would buy.


I’m sure we’ve all been told all our lives how good walking is for us and it is cheap and easy, no special equipment required. I never much liked walking just for the sake of walking, and because it was ‘good’ for me, but over the years I have come to really enjoy walking – just for the sake of walking. Who knew?!?!



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