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Book Review – The Obesity Code

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD


December 29, 2019


DrJason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist (Kidney specialist) who has one of the most significant clinical practices in Toronto, Canada that utilizes fasting for treatment of metabolic disease.


In this book, The Obesity Code, he explains the interaction and correlation between stress, cortisol and insulin that create what is known as Insulin Resistance which is actually the cause of obesity and Type II Diabetes.

The Obesity Code - book cover

The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung


Dr Fung goes on to explain that “The calorie was the wrong unit.” He states that “There are no essential carbohydrates.” After many years of advising his patients the medical recommendation of “Reduce calories/Exercise more” didn’t produce the weight loss results expected, he started researching why. This is when he discovered that “obesity is a hormonal, not caloric imbalance.”


The Obesity Code is grounded in science, and Dr. Fung shares the research as examples as to why carbohydrate restriction and Intermittent Fasting are more successful methods over the recommended protocol of ‘Calories in, Calories out’ for reversing Insulin Resistance, Type II Diabetes and his patients were finally experiencing weight loss also.


He goes on to reassure the reader that there is a big difference between starvation and fasting and cites how most religions and cultures have practiced fasting for spiritual, health or other reasons since the beginning of time.


Since first reading Dr. Fung’s book in 2017 I have taken up Intermittent Fasting to reverse Type II Diabetes with good results – when I am consistent in the practice.  I continue to revisit this book (and his YouTube videos) for reinforcement and encouragement.


I highly recommend this book.


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