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Dominant Senses


Although not necessarily as high on the compatibility criteria, I think one’s dominant sense is an important area to be aware of. How a person Braille’s the world through their five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing can have an impact on their relating and communicating with their partner.

Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Dominant Senses - What Is Your Most Dominant Sense? (Visual, Auditory, Smell, Verbal, Kinesthetic)?

What Is Your Most Dominant Sense? (Visual, Auditory, Smell, Verbal, Kinesthetic)?

Few people are totally balanced in all five senses. Many people have more than one dominant sense; generally, there will be two or three that they tend to use more than the others.

Observing how someone Braille’s the world can help you look at another area of compatibility.  One can figure out how their partner Braille’s the world by their vocabulary. Generally, a visual person will use terms like ‘I see what you mean,’ whereas an auditory person might say, ‘I hear ya,’ and a sensory person might say, ‘I’m feeling

For example, I am a highly touchy-feely person first and foremost. My next dominant senses are smell and taste. Because I am very light and noise sensitive, sight and sound are my least dominant senses. My former fiancé was highly auditory as his dominant sense; I should have clued into this by his extensive collection of a few hundred CDs and DVDs. As we were planning our trip across Canada, he got his grandson to install a CD player in the car and gathered up twenty-six of his favourite country music CDs for our trip. I, who’s much more interested in watching the view and meditating on the scenery was not looking forward to 3 ½ weeks of listening to old-time country music. Needless to say, I was really quite relieved when the CD player shorted out after the first 24 hours of our trip.

Although I am an Extrovert by nature, I am fairly balanced between extroversion and introversion; therefore I also have a high need for solitude and silence. I was quite enjoying our trip, just watching the changing landscape and silently meditating on the beauty and vastness of this beautiful country. Because my former fiancé is auditory by nature, the silence of no music and then my silence drove him crazy. He got upset by my silence, figuring I was giving him the ‘silent treatment’!


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