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Wisdom is the ability to perform an action with the highest degree of competency under any given circumstance.

For mental well—being, knowledge of what to do in any given situation is not enough. One must move forward and take action to change the situation.

As the Serenity Prayer below says: one needs acceptance, courage and wisdom.

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Serenity Prayer

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Sometimes, for me, at first, acceptance is difficult to arrive at.  I used to struggle with acceptance – feeling like it meant that I condoned something. I eventually learned that acceptance just means to ‘declare a fact.’ I can declare something as a fact without having to condone, or approve of it. It just IS.


Next comes courage – another one that has been a challenge for me most of my life. For so many years I’ve had such low self-esteem and was ruled by the fear of what others would say or do that I would be paralyzed from taking action, or I would look to others for direction. I realized a lot of this was out of victim-hood, if I did what YOU told me to do and I, or others, didn’t like the results, I could always blame it on someone else.

It really does take courage to come into one’s own self and become 100% responsible for all their thoughts, beliefs, opinions and actions.


Wisdom comes out of acceptance, and courage. One has to use good judgment on whether and what kind of action to take in a given situation.

I remember when I was in my early thirties and my car broke down. I was seeing a guy who was a backyard mechanic and he offered to come over and look at it to see if he could fix it. One little problem – he was a practicing alcoholic. I waited and waited for him to show up. Hours passed, I tried phoning, and he’d say he was on his way. More hours passed. He eventually showed up – too drunk to do anything. While I was sitting and stewing, fuming at how unreliable he was I tried to run it by the Serenity Prayer. Should I be accepting? Should I somehow gain the courage – to do, or say whatever I needed to say? Or should I have some wisdom about this situation?

I eventually had to use some knowledge and common sense and accept that practicing alcoholics aren’t reliable. I had to gain the courage to speak my truth about my disappointment in his behaviour, and to seek out more reliable mechanics. From this experience, I gained the understanding, insight and discernment to know whom to trust or not to trust when I need my car fixed.

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