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Well-Being for Baby-Boomers

Webster’s dictionary defines well-being as ‘the state or condition of being well;’ encompassing one’s welfare, or physical health; happiness; and prosperity.

This state of wellness includes the physical self, the physical world and the non-physical self.

Well-Being - Physical, Social, Environment, Economic, & Psychological

Well-Being – Physical, Social, Environment, Economic, & Psychological

Thriving Baby boomers strive to maintain positive well-being in all aspects of their life – including physical, social, psychological/emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental.


Lexicology of Well-Being (Happiness; Prosperity; Health) Ontology of Well-Being (Non-Physical Self; Physical World; Physical Self)

Lexicology of Well-Being (Happiness; Prosperity; Health) Ontology of Well-Being (Non-Physical Self; Physical World; Physical Self)

What Does Well-Being Look Like In Each Of These Areas Of One’s Life?



For me, physical wellness is the ability to move with ease and grace. This also includes the absence of illnesses and disabilities; health and vitality, and sexuality.

This is an area I’ve had the most challenges in throughout my life. I have been overweight, even obese most of my life. I’ve never had a lot of energy, even as a young kid. For the last dozen or so years I have experienced fibromyalgia which makes walking and exercising painful and difficult; this condition also contributes to a lack of energy. And about a decade ago, I developed Type II Diabetes.

I continue to find ways to improve this area of my life.


To flourish in this area means to get along with others. By developing good communication skills one can share their experiences, strengths and hopes with others. With good social skills, they can participate in activities with one or many individuals at once. One only needs a few close friends and confidants to show care and concern about their welfare in order to thrive.



A state of happiness is the best demonstration for psychological or emotional ease. Happiness can be attained through one’s thoughts – such as being grateful for the big and small things in life.


From a spiritual perspective, bliss would probably be considered the highest experience. Bliss is generally experienced when one feels closest to the Divine. This can be attained through meditation, chanting or even dancing.


Financial security is a necessity in order to thrive and feel a sense of ease. This means having enough money to pay one’s bills, such as rent and utilities and putting good quality food on the table for self and family.

As Baby-Boomers age, they need to look at their future without working for a living. Do they have enough retirement savings plans, or investment income to help them once they retire?


Environment – one’s personal space is another factor to consider for one’s comfort and health, but it even goes beyond that. What about the global/planetary environment?

Is your personal space safe and warm? Are you able to get enough sunlight? Can you grow a garden if you want? Can you afford the mortgage/rent to feel a sense of security? Do you have to take in renters/boarders to get by?

As Baby-Boomers age and develop sickness and disabilities they may have to consider assisted living. Can you and/or your family afford this? Make sure you check out all the pros and cons and services, and whether there are additional charges, offered at these institutions and also find references or reviews before signing on the dotted line.

Now, the bigger picture environment – our home – Mother Earth. Does your area have safe and clean drinking water available? What is the air quality like? Is there a lot of pollution – trash, light, or noise, in your area? Are their reliable garbage collection and recycling services available, and do you use them? Do you compost? Are there any actions that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you get involved in environmental causes?

Each of these areas contributes to one’s well-being. The more areas we can enhance the better our lives will be. We will experience more happiness, prosperity and health and vitality with ease and grace.

Tell us what you do to enhance any of these areas.


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