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Reviewed by Linda Wall, BA

May 14, 2021.

Book Review – Sacred Commerce

Sacred Commerce: business as a path of awakening by Matthew & Terces Engelhart, authors and founders of Café Gratitude is a remarkable book about building a spiritual community in the workplace.

Sacred Commerce by Matthew & Terces Engelhart

The book demonstrates the values they hold dearest to them – namely respect, reverence and love which they brought into their workplace that benefits not only their clientele but also their staff.

Through this book and their several unique RAW food, plant-based, vegan Café Gratitude locations in California, the Engelhart’s provide a sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling business model for others to follow.

The Engelharts write

“We use the word ‘sacred’ throughout these pages. For us, it is a logos, completely interchangeable with God, Love, Spirit, Buddha-nature, etc. The sacred, like love, is a presence, a quality of reality that is always here when we are – when the small, surviving, wounded self gets out of the way. The sacred is mysterious, and while it may not be fully known, it is always with us, inviting our participation. This book is a training in evoking the sacred in the workplace, to call forth the presence of love in the business environment.

They continue to share their rationalization for creating a sacred commerce business model by writing:

We long to return to a simpler semblance of a human being. With Sacred Commerce, we aspire to heal this wounded longing, this split between career and survival, between “making a living,” and creating a self-realized, fulfilled and vital life. This guidebook integrates that self-creation, which we choose to deem sacred, with a thriving, prosperous business – a business that becomes a sacred container for the transformation of the participants, expressed as prosperity and abundance.

One of the hallmarks of their book, and business model is the principle of gratitude. Their staff is all trained to ask each customer, “What are you grateful for?” Another aspect of their business that is much different than most corporate environments is that they ‘hold space’ for their staff & customers to show up however they show up – depressed or joyous – and they hold that space to the possibility of transformation for each person to express a bigger and bolder expression of the divine.

This book doesn’t just lay out its business model, but is actually a practical guide to helping their staff and clients move from stuckness to living vibrantly.

They write:

“We will treat you with respect and love and interact with you in a way that leaves you cared for and heard. We are in service to everyone who enters our field of vision.”

This philosophy provides such a different experience than the atmosphere of most other businesses today where the owners, managers, and staff are apathetic and just ‘putting in time’ to get their paycheque and/or retire.

I highly recommend this book, especially for any business, non-profit or spiritual organization to study and implement many of these practices offered in Sacred Commerce into their business model.

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