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RV Road Trips for Baby-Boomers

I have several friends who have recently bought RVs and are traveling south through the United States for the winter. From what I hear and read on their Facebook posts, they are currently (winter 2017-2018) in Arizona enjoying the beach and car shows and concerts. What a life!!

I have another friend who was in her early 70s when she took her Class 1 driver’s license with air brakes endorsement so she could drive the motor-home some of the time. My hat’s off to anyone who has the courage to drive big rigs and motor-homes!!!

There are many sizes and classes of RVs to choose from.



Class A

These are the largest and most expensive of motor-homes. Class A motor-homes are usually bus-style models. One generally needs a Class #1 (Professional Driver’s license – with air brakes endorsement) to drive these motor-homes.


Class B

This class is often referred to as the camper van. Class B’s are more like a customized family van and are suited for one or two passengers.


Class C

Class C motor-homes, sometimes called mini motor-homes, are a more compact version of the larger Class A’s. These are mid-sized RVs that range from 20 to 33 feet.

When I was researching motor-homes at an RV show, I learned that this class of motor-home didn’t have a separate bedroom until the 29-foot and longer models. I considered that an interesting piece of information because, for my health conditions, I don’t want to have to climb into some kind of cab-over ‘loft’ to go to sleep.

I read that Class C motor-homes can be every bit as challenging to drive as the class A, but they are usually easier to manage in restricted campsites. Travelers often tow a separate vehicle for excursions and errands behind a Class C motor-home.


Class C+

I read that most of these larger version motor-homes are built on a heavier frame and diesel-powered, which helps them pull a heavier load than a gasoline engine.

Thriving-Baby-Boomers -RV Road Trips - Types of RVs

Types of RVs

(Source: This Old Campsite)


Towable RVs

Towable RVs offer many advantages over full-sized motor-homes. They are less expensive initially, more reliable, and they provide the convenience of a detachable vehicle that can be used to explore an area or run errands.

A serious enthusiast will consider the variety of options available on the market before making a decision.


  • Travel Trailers
  • 5th Wheel Trailers
  • Folding and Tent Trailers
  • Sport Utility RV Trailers / Toy Hauler

Things To Consider When Planning Your RV Road Trip

  • When selecting which type of RV is best for you, it is important to carefully balance its capabilities and costs with your needs and goals.
  • Diesel is considered better for traveling through mountainous regions… (I personally can’t stand the noise and vibration of diesel-powered vehicles.)
  • Check out the cost-benefits of one style of RV over the other.
    • What are the maintenance costs of this?
    • Regular maintenance?
    • Costs for major repairs?
    • Insurance?
    • Fuel costs?
  • Know what YOUR personal travel and budget needs are:
    • Do you want to stay on main, well-maintained highways?
    • How much mountainous terrain will you be traversing?
    • Is it easy to handle driving, parking, backing up and turning?
    • Can you park it in most campgrounds?

I personally can’t see myself RVing across Canada or the USA. It seems to me that the cost of fuel for a large motor-home would be about the same as the cost of fuel for a car and a hotel room.

I think I would do better with a nice, comfortable, reliable car and stay in hotels or motels where I could enjoy my nightly baths for healing, and physical/emotional & spiritual ‘therapy’ after a long day of driving and sight-seeing.

I stumbled upon this lady’s blog about RV traveling in retirement, and thought you might like to check it out. Chambers On The Road.

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