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Social Activities as a Time of Companionship

During the casual dating stage, a couple will participate in many social activities as a way to get to know one another, and to see what they have in common while developing companionship which will, in turn, develop into friendship and deeper feelings with an eye on taking it to deeper levels of relationship over time.

Social activities are generally more leisurely and relaxed ways to meet other people that may be important to the potential partner.

These activities may include:

  •   Barbecues
  •  Attending concerts
  •  Going to the theatre, live or movies
  •  Card and board games at someone’s home
  •  Walking tours of the city
  •  Walking in the park or at the beach
  •  Attending lectures of interest
  •  Church socials
  •  Political fundraisers or political rallies
  •  Going to the museum or art gallery

These social activities are generally fun and casual events where the individuals feel friendly with other attendees and develop more neighbourliness towards the other participants. However, there are many social activities that can be competitive like most team, or individual sports.

Other Social activities can be:

  •  A night out with another couple dancing the night away
  • Participating in some club activity such as going to a Naturalist club event
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Seniors at the Beach

There are as many different social activities as the couple has interests in.

Each activity is an opportunity to evaluate your potential partner on some aspects of compatibility such as:

  •   Whether they ‘fit in’ with your lifestyle
  •   Whether they fit in with your family and friends
  •   Do they have similar values, beliefs, character and morals as you?
  •   How do they handle themselves in small or large groups?
  •   How do they react to winning, or losing?
  •   Are they spontaneous or do they like to plan ahead?

Again, social activities are a great opportunity to see your potential partner in many settings to help you determine, with clear eyes, whether you really are a good match for one another.

I can’t stress enough the importance of compatibility in several aspects to be the true deciding factor in whether a relationship will progress from casual dating, to serious dating, to a committed and, finally, a lasting relationship. See my essays on these topics in the purple links above.

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