Non-Verbal Communication

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Non-Verbal Communication

Body Language

Body language is considered such as eye movement, facial expressions like raised eyebrows, frowning, or smiling.

It is said that a great percentage of our communication is through our body language and tone of voice and less on the actual words we use. In order to effectively communicate, one needs congruency between the words, the body language and the tone of voice.

Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Non-Verbal Comminication - Open Body Language between man and woman

Open Body Language between man and woman

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The passive-aggressive communicator demonstrates the least congruency between their words and their body language. With tense body language, they may smile sweetly and speak softly. The recipient of their communication generally feels that something’s out of sorts—that’s exactly what the passive-aggressive wants you to feel—but they don’t have the courage to tell you directly what it is that is out of sorts.

I know I was quite amazed when I first read Dr. John Grey’s Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus books and started observing men’s behaviour rather than trying to listen to what the man in my life wasn’t saying because I tended to pick the ‘strong, silent type’ of men in the first place. Me—a highly verbal woman—picking men who were predisposed to less talking. No wonder the relationships didn’t last!


I really do believe in the old adage that actions speak louder than words. What do your actions towards your loved ones say—about you? About your feelings toward the other?


Sense Of Humour

Humour and laughter are very important to one’s mental and emotional health.


“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.”

~ Joanne Woodward


Questions to Consider Regarding Your Sense of Humour


  1. What kind of sense of humour do you have?
  2. Do you have a dry sense of humour?
  3. Are you quick-witted and tend to use a lot of puns?
  4. Do you use sarcasm in your humour?
  5. Do you participate in ethnic jokes, blonde jokes, male or female bashing jokes?

In all reality— sarcasm, ethnic jokes, blonde jokes, and male or female bashing jokes are not, and should not be a part of anyone’s communication, for they perpetuate stereotypes and keep distance and understanding between one another. To me, generally underneath sarcasm is veiled anger.

In order for good communication to take place, there needs to be congruence between one’s words and one’s behaviours. And especially within intimate relationships, there needs to be sensitivity towards how your words and behaviours are going to affect your loved ones.

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