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Communication Factors Part II


Sender And Receiver Have Different Vocabularies


Here’s an area where if the couple had taken the time to get to truly know one another before they got into a committed relationship they would have known if their education and vocabularies are similar. It is not to say that the relationship and communication are impossible, but it definitely means that both parties have to be aware of the difference in vocabulary and have to make sure that their partner grasps what is being said. This may take much work to rephrase things in your partner’s vocabulary.


Cultural Differences Exist Between Communicators


Similar to the differences in vocabulary, cultural differences can also put a strain on communication and relationship. Not only does the couple have to contend with gender differences, they now have to know and understand their partner’s way of thinking and behaving through his or her cultural upbringing which can be slightly, or radically different. The more radically different the culture, the more patience and understanding the partners will need.


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Racially Different Couple

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Communicators Have Different Assumptions


There are so many wrong assumptions one can have when communicating with another. Most of us tend to assume that all people are honest and tell the truth. Men tend to think, feel and believe that women should be more logical and rational. Women tend to want to create harmony and rapport and they think, feel and believe that men should be more in touch with their feelings. We tend to assume that everyone is direct and forthright in their communication style. We assume that we are talking on the same subject when in fact he may be thinking about the bills to pay while you are discussing how to finance a romantic get-away weekend for the two of you



In their book, Tantra: The Art Of Conscious Loving Charles and Caroline Muir discuss that men and women have different meanings for the word intimacy. For most women, intimacy means a spiritual and heartfelt emotional connection; for men, intimacy means sexual intercourse. That is why it is so important to truly know and understand whether you and your partner are talking the same language.

That is why you will find so many definitions throughout this website, I want you to know and understand what I am talking about.


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