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As someone who is chronically cold, and have been all my life, I love saunas! I can get warmed up through and through in a sauna that I can’t in a shower or even a bathtub.

I’ve been in traditional dry saunas, but find the air too dry and hard to breathe in them. I’ve experienced the odd steam sauna, they’re pretty nice. I felt like I was in Heaven when I  discovered Far-Infrared saunas! What I liked about far-infrared saunas is that the air doesn’t get overly hot. I could control the humidity with a spray bottle of water and mist the air as I needed. I would go in for a sauna occasionally at my chiropractor’s before getting chiropractic treatment.

I thought that far-infrared saunas were the best of the best!! Until I read an article describing the difference between far- and near-infrared saunas…

Near-Infrared vs. Far Infrared | Long Life Sauna

According to the above-mentioned article:

7 Irrefutable Reasons Near-Infrared Is Better Than Far Infrared

  1.  Deeper tissue penetration
  2. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving
  3. EMF safe
  4. Protects cells from toxins
  5. Increases nitric oxide for better circulation and anti-oxidant protection
  6. Increases cell energy which leads to cell healing
  7. Easier to maintain the sauna over time

Always striving to improve my health and reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia, obesity, Type II Diabetes, and any other health conditions, I really wanted to know more about Near-Infrared Saunas. Online, Near-Infrared Saunas go for $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 – a bit out of my reach on a limited disability income.

The more I read about near-Infrared saunas, I discovered one can get the same results using a red heat-lamp (people might remember these from the 70s home-tanning craze) (also known in farming as a Brooder Lamp) and even used as heat lamps in bathrooms. Soooo… I looked around my little apartment and tried to envision where I could create my own little sauna.

At first, I thought about maybe just buying a clamp system and clamping it onto my bookshelf in my living room, then I looked around and realized that if I re-arranged my storage room I should have enough room to create a little sauna in there.

My former husband works at a Home Hardware store and can pick stuff up at ‘cost-plus’ so I asked him if he would order the necessary clamp, red lamp, and a stool to sit on to create my own personal sauna. Well, he had an ‘extra’ stool, so he gave me it. On Christmas Day I was surprised to find the clamp system as one of my gifts from him!! And after a time, he told me the company doesn’t carry the red lamps. I had seen the red lamps at Peavey Mart and Canadian Tire, so I picked up the red heat lamp for $15.

If I had paid for the clamp, the red lamp, and the stool, it would have cost me about $65 for my own Near-Infrared Sauna versus the advertised prices of $1,500 – $5,000…

Two types of near-infrared saunas I could find online…

Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Saunas

Simple home-made Near-Infrared Sauna

Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Saunas

Near-Infrared Sauna – professional – wooden

Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Saunas - my near infared sauna

My near-infrared sauna

I am generally using my sauna twice a day for approximately 30 – 35 minutes per session. I take a book in with me and read about 30 pages each session, thus accomplishing two things at once. I have finally broken out into a true sweat by pre-heating my area for up to 60  minutes beforehand.  My skin ‘glows’ after about 30 – 45 minutes in there.

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