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To Juice or to Blend – Juicing Vs. Smoothies – Part II


Smoothies (Blender Drinks)


Smoothies are considered ‘blender drinks,’ because that is generally how they are made – in a blender or a Magic Bullet.

Smoothies generally use the whole food rather than just extracting the juice like juicing does.

Smoothies may or may not have ‘greens’ in them. Some of my favourite smoothies have no greens in them, like Chocolate/Avocado Smoothie, or a Skinny Shake which is cocoa powder, sweetener, coconut milk and LOTS of ice cubes. I also have smoothie recipes that DO have greens in them, like Green Vanilla Shake which has spinach and avocado, sweetener and coconut milk. (I only use coconut milk, never dairy milk, nut milk or soy milk.)

Benefits of Smoothies


  • Smoothies are nutritious.
  • One can add proteins and fats to their smoothie.
  • one can add ‘super foods’ (like chia, flax & hemp seeds or oils, or moringa powder) to their smoothie.
  • Smoothies are quick and easy to make.
  • Smoothies have the majority of the fruit or vegetable – retains the pulp.
  • Keeps you fuller than juices do.
  • Makes a better on-the-go snack or meal than juice does.


 Thriving-Baby-Boomers - Nutrition -Juicing vs. Smoothies Part II

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Downfalls of Smoothies


  • Smoothies can be too high in sugars, calories and carbohydrates.
  • No proteins or fats.
  • Have to clean the blender or Magic Bullet after each use.


According to the people at Young And Raw, “The bulk of your smoothies should be vegetables, along with some fruit. My ratio guideline is 2-3 types of veggies to 1 fruit.”



Special Equipment for Blending


One just needs a standard blender or Magic Bullet to make smoothies with.



I think juicing is the better choice if one aims to kick start weight loss, but again, it can be done on either – it depends on the ingredients and the number of natural sugars contained in those ingredients.

There are pros and cons for each drink. Whether one prefers juicing over smoothies will probably be an individual preference. I like both. I think there are a time and a place for each.

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