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Dairy is Unnecessary

My health and nutrition journey has been ongoing for about 20-some-odd years. I can’t remember the exact article I read that started me thinking about the health effects of certain foods.

Aspartame, MSG, were a couple of biggies that I read about that made me stop using these products, which meant I had to start reading labels and understanding any other names these things were called.

Somewhere along the line, I started reading how dairy, specifically milk from animals, wasn’t necessary for human beings. I also read all the horror stories of the farming/meat/dairy industry. I also started being aware of how I and my body felt and reacted to certain things.

One thing I noticed back then was that when I ingested dairy, specifically cow’s milk (I never drank any other animal milk or products) that I would get a phlegmy throat and a runny nose. I also experience this with other dairy products, specifically the ‘soft’ milk products, like ice cream, whipping cream, and cream cheese. I don’t seem to experience much mucous when eating the ‘hard’ dairy like cheddar cheese, Mozzarella, Parmesan nor very much phlegm from the ‘fermented’ dairy like sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.

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I slowly transitioned from drinking cow’s milk to soy milk (until I read about the potential hormone disruptors in soy), then I transitioned to almond milk until I couldn’t stand the ‘nutty’ taste on everything – my coffee or cereal, or whatever. I finally found the perfect ‘for me’ milk substitute in unsweetened, unflavoured coconut milk. All brands of coconut milk are NOT equal! My favourite brand is So Delicious (they also put out an amazing non-dairy ‘frozen desert’ that’s a great substitute for ice cream. It is super delicious and so rich that I only need a few tablespoons at a time to satisfy my ice cream craving.)

So Delicious chocolate ice cream and coconut milk

I don’t think it is natural for people to be walking around coughing and hacking on a daily basis. To me, that’s a sign of a food allergy, or some other sensitivity in one’s environment.

I personally believe that mucous and phlegm are side effects of an ‘allergy’ or the very least a sensitivity to certain foods; in my case, it is ‘soft’ dairy. So, I have chosen to avoid ‘soft’ dairy.

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