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Is There Really A Connection Between Mind, Body And Spirit?

I don’t think when I was growing up that I ever gave much thought to the connection, if there is one, between mind, body and spirit. And is there a difference between brain, mind, and soul? I think I always thought they were one and the same.

I’ve been a ‘truth seeker’ all my life: always searching for the meaning of life, the ‘big picture’ which has led me to study psychology, philosophy, sociology, literature, geography, history, economics, as well as new age concepts, and spirituality among others.

Through these studies, I began to get a glimmer that the brain and mind are two different things. The brain is that grey matter within our skulls that performs a multitude of functions that keep us alive and thriving. Mind, however, seems to be non-localized within the body, and/or even outside the physical realm – everywhere and nowhere at once. It is quite often referred to mean thinking, feeling, emotions, intuitions and memories as a function of the brain.

Is There A Difference Between Spirit And Soul?

The best answer I came across about the distinction between soul and spirit is that your soul gives your body life, and your spirit is your free will and your emotions (love, hate, joy, sadness).

So, soul is your very essence – your intrinsic self, the part of you that is eternal and is the stuff of God, Creation, or you could call it animating energy.

And your spirit could be considered part of your personality. Whether you are reserved, jovial, or child-like each affects your emotions and in turn, affects your life experiences.

For me, I try to live a balanced whole-person wheel, so I try to address a bit of each – physical, mental and spiritual on a daily basis.

For the spiritual component of the whole person wheel, it might look like prayer and meditation and some inspirational reading first thing in the morning. As well, for about a decade, I was involved with a New Thought group which had a weekly Sunday Celebration.

I try to exercise each day. I usually do a minimum of a thirty 30-minute walk five days a week. Various physical activities I enjoy are Qigong, Taoist Tai Chi, walking, Aqua Fit, and PS2 DDR (Play Station2 – Dance, Dance, Revolution).

For mental stimulation I always have one or more books on the go; whether they are self-help, inspirational, business-related, or novels – there’s usually one within arms’ reach.

It doesn’t matter which aspect you address, it will affect the others. As I said on my main page, we are like a hologram – the whole is in the pieces…

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