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 Happiness for Baby-Boomers

Happiness is an emotion, or a feeling created by one’s thoughts. These feelings can vary in intensity from contentment to intense joy. A cluster of similar feelings is amusement, satisfaction, gratification, euphoria, and triumph. It is sometimes attributed to ‘living the good life,’ or thriving.

My Journey to Happiness


I was not very happy growing up – even into mid-adulthood I was more miserable than contented. My friends would tell me that it was up to me to choose how I wanted to feel, but I didn’t know how to choose this state of mind or being.

I’m a voracious reader and a life-long learner of so many subjects. I’ve been studying New Age, New Thought, self-help, and psychology since the early ‘80s. So many of the books and authors used the expression ‘change your thinking, change your life,’ but yet again, no one seemed to have a step-by-step instruction manual on how to do this.

I guess affirmations are the closest a form of changing one’s thinking, but it seems to take forever to see results. One of the downfalls that I see with affirmations is that one is usually directed to personalize the affirmation, make it present tense and add emotion. However, personalizing an affirmation by saying, “I Linda, am thin, fit, firm, flexible & toned,” when I’m not creates a psychic conflict between my words and the present experience of being overweight and out of shape.

In his book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy suggested one just use the words for the results one desires – without the ‘I am’… using the above-mentioned affirmation, it now becomes ‘thin, fit, firm, flexible and toned.’ Now there is no psychic conflict and, the theory says, one will get better results without the psychic schism.

One’s thoughts will run wild if we don’t take control of them. For me, I have to immerse myself, daily, even hourly, with positive affirmations, or listen to meditations or affirmations throughout the day.

Another way to boost my emotional level is to keep a Gratitude Journal. Daily I try to write a minimum of five things I am grateful for. These can be simple things such as my family, friends, health, my finances or living conditions, or bigger things like the rights and freedoms we enjoy right here in Canada.

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Happy face character at the beach

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I know, for me, that I have to use the tools that have been presented in order to change my thought process into a more positive one. This helps keep the resentments, judgments and fears at bay, therefore, increasing my emotional well-being. This helps me thrive!!

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