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Entertainment for Baby-Boomers


There are so many forms of entertainment for Baby-boomers that can provide an enjoyable diversion from life.

Entertainment is anything that holds one’s attention, acts as a diversion, and/or provides enjoyment to the individual. Many activities, such as storytelling, dance, drama and theatre have survived many centuries, originally created to provide pleasure for the King’s Court and high society.

Whether solitary or social, there are many activities Baby-boomers can partake in. Anything from a walk, or watching the news on television, to watching or participating in sports such as golf, badminton, hockey or hiking are diverse ways to relax.

There are many activities that can both be enjoyed individually or socially.


Solitary Forms of Entertainment

Walking, reading, watching movies, and hobbies such as knitting, crocheting or sewing are mostly solitary in nature.

Being more physically engaged can provide health benefits as well as enjoyment from a purely mental well-being standpoint. These include participating in marathons, or other forms of competition, or just for one’s own personal best. One can also feel a sense of participation just by watching any number of sports either live or on television.

Baby-boomers can participate in: walking, running, swimming, ice skating, hockey, water skiing, downhill or cross-country skiing, golf, badminton, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. to whatever level of their capabilities


Social Diversions

Playing card games and board games, bingo, going to the theatre, opera, or sporting events are usually enjoyed with friends and acquaintances.

I grew up in an era where adults got together for regular card games with their friends or neighbours. It almost seems that this is dying out with the newer generations. Some of these diversions, such as bingo, bridge, and Scrabble, are being offered in Seniors’ Centres and Senior’s housing for the enjoyment of their clients.

We are very fortunate here in Kamloops to have both a professional theatre company and a few smaller amateur theatre groups, so we have lots of opportunity to see live plays. We also have a symphony orchestra.

Living in the Tournament Capital of Canada there are many opportunities throughout all seasons to watch or participate in sports at any level of competition.


Fun, Food, Games & Entertainment

Fun, Food, Games & Entertainment

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For one’s mental health there is any number of ways to engage one’s body or mind either in solitary or social situations. Baby-boomers have access to so many activities that can accommodate their level of fitness abilities and/or limitations.


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