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Book Review – Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know

March 21, 2021

By Linda Wall

Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know builds on Craig Hill’s earlier book, co-authored with Earl Pitts, titled Wealth, Riches and Money: God’s Biblical Principles of Finance. Both books are Christian/Biblical based.

Five Wealth Secrets 96% of us Don’t know by Craig Hill

Five Wealth Secrets is written as the narrator, called Papa, is teaching his son, Isaac, these five wealth secrets throughout Isaac’s life – from childhood into adulthood. In later chapters, Papa begins teaching these principles to Isaac’s childhood friends who haven’t fared as well in the financial department of their lives as Isaac has.

As I read and implemented the principles set out in the earlier book, Wealth, Riches and Money, and I saw my finances improve significantly in the last year, it was easy for me to buy this newest book. It was a quick read. Now I am implementing these five principles – one at a time, in sequential order as laid out in the first book.

I will give you a list of the principles, but you need the book to explain them and gain understanding.

Principle used by the 4%

1. Manage money in 5 jars

2. Focus on Vision

3. Invest in Things that Multiply and Never pay interest (Use no Personal Debt)

4. Anticipate and Prepare for Cyclical Economy

5. Leave an Inheritance for Two Generations

For anyone who finds themselves in a money trap and wants to find a way out, I highly recommend the above-mentioned books.

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